Reimbursement & Market Access

How to achieve reimbursement for the device

Our experts have a combined experience of 35 years helping healthcare companies demonstrating the value of their products, developing access to market and increasing sales.

Initial Market Research
Our experts will pinpoint the 3-5 most promising markets for the product to be validated by the analysis of the methodology of a Health technology Assessment (HTA).

Reimbursement Analysis
The Reimbursement Analysis determines the ideal positioning and pricing model, answers what health economic evidence needs to be collected in the clinical strategy for achieving and sustaining coverage/reimbursement for the product and lists the factors that could affect the value of the device.

Budget Impact Analyses (BIA)
The Budget Impact Analyses (BIA) is a strategic selling tool that demonstrates the financial impact of investing in the device while considering its economic impact in expenses and costs to the purchaser. It also highlights the key economic data required to fully assess the value of the device.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
An HTA are the pivotal health economic analyses of a device on a target market, giving crucial information on costs and effect presented to decision makers. For some companies the format of an early HTA, give economic knowledge both for development and market access. A HTA would comprise of 5 main topics: Technology, Patient, Organization, Ethics and Economic evaluation.

Commercial Due Diligence
Applies current market data and analysis to translate the product’s clinical and economic benefits into financial value for investors. This approach calculates the targeted market size and potential, validates unmet needs and supports the estimation of sales timelines

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