NEW – The Qmed Academy Book Club

Helene Quie

Important new MDCG guidelines are release from the European Commission. These are importance guidance documents for all of us working within developing and selling medical devices. I understand best when talking (some might have discovered this ) and I have to read the guidelines anyhow. I have therefor invited my good colleague Merete Hansen to read with me. Together is better! Do you want to read it with us?

Here’s how you join!

To make sure you don’t miss when we’ll go live, you can advantageously sign-up to our separate newsletter here, subscribe to our YouTube-channel (which where we’ll be live) and join our designated LinkedIn group The Qmed Academy Book Club.

For six weeks Merete and I will review the new MDCG guidelines at a top level and then answer any questions you might have (LIVE). As of now, the schedule looks as follows:

Part 1 MDCG 2020-1 May 29nd @ 3PM CET
Part 2 MDCG 2020-2 June 4th @ 3PM CET
Part 3 MDCG 2020-3 June 12th @ 3PM CET
Part 4 MDCG 2020-5 June 19th @ 3PM CET
Part 5 MDCG 2020-6 June 26th @ 3PM CET
Part 6 MDCG 2020-7 and -8 July 3rd @ 3PM CET

How you can prepare

  1. Read the guidance before, the best is with some colleagues or friends. Goal is to read the guidance together.
  2. Send your questions related to the content in the guidance documents for each of the six parts to email Include your name and name of who you read the guidance document with.
  3. Tune in to our channel on one of the above-mentioned dates where we will go through the documents and answer the questions live. We will keep the videos posted on YouTube in case you cannot make it for the session.

Look forward to sharing this with you and remember together is better!