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At Qmed Consulting we believe that the only way to ensure the best solution for all concerned is to base our recommendations and activities on the real needs of our clients.

Our focus is on supplementing your own expertise and competences, not replacing them. That means that when you partner with us you can be sure that we will only propose activities for which you either do not have sufficient resources, or that you would prefer us to accept responsibility for in order to free up your own resources for other tasks.

Best-in-class knowledge and experience from the medical device experts.

We offer strategic consulting services based on best-in-class knowledge, experience and competences from a result-oriented and highly motivated team of international medical device strategic advisors, CRO specialists and commercial healthcare experts. Our clinical team are experts in monitoring and designing studies to ISO14155 and GCP.

Our purpose is to be part of the team that successfully paves the way for new medical device approvals that enable more efficient procedures while improving patient safety, outcomes and quality of life, thus helping inventors and investors achieve success.

Qmed consulting


The Qmed Podcast

Season: 2
Episode: 13

Conducting Clinical Studies in Hospitals

3 months ago

In this episode, Helene Quie discusses the topic “Conducting Clinical Studies at Hospitals” with study nurse, Christina Møller.

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Qmed Academy

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How to define and demonstrate medical device product claims?

How to define and demonstrate medical device product claims?
Helene quie
Helene Quie
€ 95

Having troubles conducting you Benefit – Risk analysis?

We have pulled together classes and workshops designed to helping companies on their path to enable better health David Rutledge David
David rutledge
David Rutledge
€ 95

Identify your device classification according to MDR and US FDA

Identify your device classification according to MDR and US FDA regulation
Merete hansen
Merete Hansen
€ 95

1:1 Identify your claims

In this lecture, we will review product material to identify potential claims and possible methods to gather data.
Helene quie
Helene Quie
€ 120
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1:1 Device Classification

This course is tailored for students who wish to have a 1 to 1 session
Helene quie
Helene Quie
€ 120
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Crash course in how to conduct a clinical evaluation according to MDR

Crash course in how to conduct a clinical evaluation according to MDR
Helene quie
Helene Quie
€ 95


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