Study Nurse Seminar

An in-person event created by Qmed for study nurses

Our Study Nurse Seminar will be back in person on November 24th. You can expect to learn about topics within Project Management, Screening and Recruitment Processes, Differences between Entities as well as Legal Aspects of CTAs

Come join us in Copenhagen, at MBK and listen to an insightful session.

Location:  MBK A/S, Pilestræde 61, 1112 København K


16:00 – Velkommen

16:10 – Projektledelse 

16:30 – Spørgsmål

16:35 – Juridiske aspekter af ”CTAs”

16:50 – Spørgsmål

17:00 – Screenings- og rekrutteringsproces

17:20 – Spørgsmål

17:25 – Komitesystemet i Danmark

17:45 – Spørgsmål

17:50 – Mad, Kaffe & Networking

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